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My current girl friend and worries about our sex life.




Hello dear users, followers, and the whole world!

I want to share with you about my current worries and what happening right now in my life. I am 37 years old man having normal life. I do not smoke, no drugs and no alcohol. I do like sport like swimming, biking, skiing etc. So I am healthy male on this planet ).

I have met a girl one year ago (December 2020) and we started dating, talking, walking etc. She was 29 that time and came to visit her parents to the city where I live now. 

So we liked to each other and about one month after our acquaintance we had a trip to her friend where we suppose to live in one bed room and have our first sex. So when we were alone I started to touch her everywhere, make petting, tried to get off her clothes. At the same time I have not felt her doing the same like she was closed and no passion happened. I thought that it was something wrong and then I asked her why she acted like that. She confess that she hasn't had sex in her life at all. I was a kind of surprised say the least of it. And I could help ask again if she is still a virgin. And I've got positive answer. I never could think that I can meet 29 years old virgin. So, because of the lack of time and conditions we could not go on with our sex.

We returned from the trip and it was a time when she had to go back to her home country continue to work, but we agreed that we keep our relations and I come in 4 month to her. We were keep in contact via Whats App during all this time. I was very devotee as I had and have feelings to her. In May 2021 I came to her city and stayed at her home. She lived alone, so I thought it is a right place for us to have a sex and lose her virginity. Of course we had fun together walking, meeting friends etc. But no sex at all. We slept in one bed, but nothing were happening. I tried to have petting again, but it seemed to me that she felt nothing. We discussed this situation and came to decision to make a trip together and this with the mission to lose her virginity.

Well, once I thought how is it to have sex with virgin ... and now I try it ... We tried to make sex during three days ... she had a pain that she could not continue ... and at the same time she didn't let me penetrate her ... that was one of the worst sex in my live 😅 ... All this time we tried missionary position and now I think it is the worst position to loose virginity as she could not bend her legs and all the time I could not fully penetrate her. At the last day of our trip I just bend her I entered from behind ... now she could not resist and I could fully enter her ... after three days attempt I did it ... her pussy was so tight and I had a long time abstinence ... I could not control my passion, so I cum in 2-3 minutes ... at the same time it was fine for her as she felt pain while I was moving. That's the story how we had our first sex experience. But this is not the end of the story as we continued our relations.

After three weeks of my vocation I had to go back and we decided that she come to me living together in 5 month as she had to finish her work, leave the company and to do other personal things. Well ... again I should wait 5 months and no sex ... And the question raised in my mind "Does it worth it?"

... 5 months left my beloved girl came to me finally ... no we are together and no time limitations ... we are 5 days together ... and guess what? All my attempts to have sex with her brought no results ... first two days she was quite tired after the flight and difference in time zones ... actually I don't know what to do in this situation. Shall I give her more time so she can used to me? From one side I do love her ... from other hand we don't have sex life for now. Have you been in such situation? What solution do you have? Please share all your thoughts.

P.S. Please follow my blog I'll publish further stories how the situation will evolve with our sex life.

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I can understand you worries and wish you all the best with your girl. Hope you will resolve the problem and all be fine.

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