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My best sex partner




I guess everyone had his/her best sex partner. I want to share my story about my best sex partner. My memories about passionate nights with her will be till the end of my life. It was short, but amazing short-term sex relations.

I remember how my long-term relations ended by the initiative of by former girl friend. So I was totally alone and free 😅. After some period of depression I decided to find a girl friend only for sex relations. I decided to use Tinder for this purpose. After several unsuccessful dates in month I found one girl agreed to have a dating after of couple messages.

She was older than me. I was 36 that time and she was 41. She nice looking divorced lady with two teenage children. We decided to have our first meeting at Japanese restaurant. I do remember how I was entering the restaurant thinking that it is one more useless dating. I was sitting at one of the tables and she came to me with her nice smile saying "hello". Well we talked about ourselves, our hobbies our relations stories. After the restaurant we went to her car, she agreed to drove me home, but as we sat to her car we started kissing with passion she allowed me to touch her everywhere. So when we came to my neighbourhood we agreed to organize sex dating next time in a week at my home.

Guess what during the week sh sent some erotic photos of her. No it wasn't porn, it was soft erotic, that influenced my imagination and make thoughts  about future sex dating ☺️. So one week passed and we decided first to go to the cinema near of my neighbourhood. We were at her car near the cinema and we had some time before the movie. And take a guess how we spent time?) That's right we were kissing, touching each other everywhere and finally she made a blow job right in the car ☺️. Then we went to the movie ... I don't even remember the movie itself, but we were there till the end and then went to my home to continue our night.

All the rest was full of passion ... first we went to the shower one by one thinking what night will be. Yes I remember how we went naked to my bed room and I spread her legs and remember her intimate welcoming striped hairstyle there and I was full of desire to kiss there every part of her body, her lips, her clit ... I used all my lips and tongue to give her pleasure. Then she started to kiss my penis and balls. I also remember her tongue and lips touching my cock. I was in paradise. The sex was kind of risky as we had it without condom but we had additional feelings and desire. I was on top and could see every details of our sex, how my penis penetrating her pussy, her breast attracted me to kiss it. After some time I could not hold it and put off my penis and cum to her belly. then my sperm was everywhere and we experienced exciting pleasure of the whole process and orgasm.

That was not the end of the night as far as I remember we were making sex for 4-5 hours until I was absolutely exhausted and my balls were empty 😈.

We agreed to have sex dating once a week on Fridays. We were full of desire by the end of each week. Every time we met we had sex just like described above. So our datings were full of passion.

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