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Loosing a virginity for a girl is not easy task?




Hello dear users of our website and my followers. I continue to publish new articles at my Sex blog. This is the continuation of one of the previous posts called "My current girl friend and worries about our sex life".

The story goes on and I still don't know if we have a happy end of our challenge in our sex life. Let me remind you that my girl friend is 30 years old and just half of year ago she lost her virginity with me and then we did not see each other for 5 month. Recently we had an attempt to make sex once more. We were kissing, I tried to relax her, I touched her pussy and felt it was wet and still very tight pussy. But during our sex she still felt herself as a virgin as she has pain while I tried penetrate her. We tried two positions: missionary and doggy style. During the process and for me it was very difficult to penetrate and I was afraid of making her feel pain. I also could not fully enter my penis, just half of it and she had pain. So the attempt of making sex was unsuccessful. As a result making sex for my girl friend brings no pleasure 😬. Now I don't know when we will try again, but this is a subject of separate post.

I could not even think that beginning of sexual life such a challenge for girls. I thought that this is a problem just of my girl friend. I asked my colleagues at work about her experience, she tried first time when she was 16 and she felt pain first time as well, sex didn't bring any pleasure. And she told me that she started to feel positive about sex when she was close to 29-30 years old. Now I wonder many of girls has the same problem. How to resolve it? How do girls start feeling pleasure and orgasm during sex? So I have many questions now and wonder how will it be with my girl friend.

Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for any comments, suggestions and ideas on the topic.  




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