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Sex positions




We know that since ancient times people described all possible sex positions. The first know written book about it is Indian Kamasutra book. Well, we will try to make our own book describing all possible positions, its variations and descriptions.

I think it will be quite interesting for experienced couple as well as for those who has just started their sexual life.

Let's have general overview at main sex positions we have:

  • Missionary position or simply when man on top;
  • Woman on top;
  • From behind or doggy style position;
  • Sitting positions;
  • Standing positions;
  • Scissoring;
  • Spoons position.

Let's have a short description of this general positions and at separate articles we have descriptions each of them with details and its variations.

Missionary position – 

Woman on top  – 

Doggy style – 

Sitting positions  – 

Standing positions  – 

Scissoring  – 

Spoons position  – 




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